The Legend of Tarzan Review

The story is about Tarzan who is now used to living in London. However he is recalled back to the jungle because he has to investigate some illegal mining that is taking place. Tarzan and Jane get kidnapped in the movie and later Tarzan escapes and then try to rescue Jane. The movie is rated PG 13 for scenes of brief nudity, language and use of drugs. The movie has action, adventure, romance and drama. To be honest the movie is good for those who liked spiced curry. Those who are not a Tarzan fan, I would not suggest him or her to waste time on this movie.

Posted on 14/07/16
The BFG Movie Review

The movie is about a soft spoken Big Friendly Giant who meets up with Sophie. Even though he has this intimidating height he is still very kindhearted. He however is considered by his own giant friends as an outcast as he does not eat children. After travelling to London, Sophie convinces the queen to get rid of the bad giants forever. The movie is rated PG for some scenes of crude humor. The visual quality of the movie is impressive. The story is good but performances are under par. The movie runs, for just under two hours and was shot in Vancouver in Canada.

Posted on 14/07/16
Independence day Resurgence Review

Twenty years after the Independence war the earth is now faced with a new solar threat. The alien mother ship is twice bigger in size as compared to the last one. Now all have to get together to defeat the new enemy. This is an action Sci fi film. The movie is rated PG 13 for scenes of action and destruction. This movie lasts a full one hundred and twenty minutes. This movie is a sequel to the Independence Day. One can like or dislike this movie depending on one’s moods. The movie was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Posted on 14/07/16
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

This sequel of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is set in after many years of marriage between Ian and Toula. They have a grown-up daughter named Paris and she will be graduating from school soon. In the process of looking after their daughter and providing for her, Ian and Toula feel that their marriage is not as it was a few years before. They are trying to resolve the issues in their marriage when they are told that Toula’s parents’marriage is not official. Whether Ian and Toula work out the differences between them while planning for another Greek wedding which is bigger and fatter?

Posted on 30/03/16
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

More and more people are saying that Superman is a danger to the earth as due to his batter with General Zod, Earth had to face damage. According to Batman, theabsolute power of Superman is bad for mankind as if it is not controlled, then it may harm them. Therefore, Batman decides to fight with Superman to rectify the mistakes done by him. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lex Luther decides to create chaos in the city of Metropolis with the help of Doomsday.It is now a dangerous situation for the people of Metropolis as both the superheroes are against each other when the city is under threat from Lex Luther.However, both Batman and Superman decide to keep their personal opinions and bad feeling about each other, aside as the world needs both of them to fight together instead of against each other. Wonder woman helps them in saving the world from destruction.

Posted on 30/03/16
Grimsby Review

This is no bromance but hovers around madness-odd coupling of brothers. One is a buffoon and the other a gun totting MI6 agent. That in short is the story. The brothers come together to stop soccer fans from being mass-gassed. Could this flick be passed off as a violent video game? The feature film has weird sub plots that can confuse the viewer.

Watch it with no major expectations from Mark Strong the agent and Sacha Baron Cohen the well-intended fool who eventually pitches in. At least that is what director Louis Leterrier presumes when he made this comedy flick.


Posted on 22/03/16
The Perfect Match Review

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect dalliance’ or a rom-com that can build into a heart felt story. The film is imperfect from its premise itself. It is vague in its narrative and can be best described as a second hand ‘Danielle Steel’ novel in a used bookstore. Does it really express about romantic relationships?

The film introduces many characters, despite the story based on just the two main actors. Actually, alcoholism could have become the main theme. This review has nothing to do with the color and race of the storytellers and actors-Terrance Jenkins and Cassie Ventura.

Posted on 22/03/16
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Review

Never Imagined that Tina Fey would do a role taking her to a highly conflicted military zone in Afghanistan! WTF-is exactly what anyone thinks. The film is actually clueless and does not reflect on what really goes on in the hostile terrain of the frontier province near the Himalayas.  Even if the film closely resembles, Kim Barker’s memoir (2011), the cinematic journey pales in comparison.

Tine Fey plays a single woman ready to leave her boyfriend and enter Kabul. She has a ringside view of what she encounters in the heat and dust-Just gulp it like whiskey and forget it!

Posted on 22/03/16
London Has Fallen Review

The narrative just goes to show that every Bondish film does not click with the fans. The story fails to keep the attention of the viewers for most part. It seems quite out of control right from the first scene when the bomb explodes. It all seems very predictable from the world go. Gerard Butler may not have quite expected this backlash to his titular role as Mike Banning – secret service agent serving the British Queen. Alas, other than James Bond, other agents fail to make a cinematic impact.

With many loopholes in the story, it can be best seen online on a boring night at home.


Posted on 22/03/16
Deadpool Movie Review

Marvel Comics have never been boring but how does the film version stack up? Yes, it s worth a watch. Fans across the world have given it thumbs up.  It is a fast paced revenge that brings the claps. While the story is good, its extreme violence and nudity restrict the audiences who can watch it. Ryan Reynold is Wade Wilson and Deadpool. Co-star, Morena Baccarin as Vannesa matches his talent.

Director Tim Miller goes home a happy man who has done his best to keep the comic series alive. The film has already crossed $400M as at No. 1. 

Posted on 22/03/16
10 Cloverfield Lane

Another alien attack on the city? Another sequel that has no resemblance to the previous franchise? Well, it can simply be called a cousin or another ‘family member’ story. Cine goers are left confused with its suspense-is the kidnapped protagonist dealing with a savior or an aggressor? Well, first time director Dan Trachtenberg limits the story to the bunker. Quiet a challenge to tell a compelling story, in a single enclosed location. What helps are the performance of Mary Elizabeth and John Goodman.

Perhaps, the director’s good stars helped him to keep him afloat till his next box office return. 


Posted on 22/03/16
Miracles from Heaven Review

Near death stories can be fantastic and emotionally satisfying-provided they mean something profound. Just lie a few people believe in God and some do not the same is about this film. Some believe the story and some don’t. This true story has a few takers-the rest of the cine goers are not convinced despite the simple story line and brave acting.

Can someone come back to lead a good life? Believe if you must. The film ends with the real family smiling their story has been relived. The actors have done their bit to convince us. Sure welcome back life!

Posted on 22/03/16
Allegiant Movie Review

Will Author Veronica Roth be glad it is all over? When it comes to this sequel it is thumbs down. The film opens to mixed reactions.  Those who have watched the earlier Divergent stories find it little tepid in style and presentation. Two people trying to save a population, sounds rather far fetched but seem to have powerful performances- the only reason the story has a few takers. Allegiant to watch online!

Director Robert Schwentke tries his best in a few random shots of rappelling and walls scaling. Viewers found them to be quite disoriented. Seems like an unforgettable trilogy in wake of other competitors in the fray. 

Posted on 22/03/16
Zootopia Movie Review

A trip to the cinema hall last weekend shows parents cuddling their inner child with their kids watching Zootopia. Disney Films has been remarkable in dishing out and out entertainers for ages. Take a 3G (grandparents, parents and kids) -movie vacation and enjoy this utopia. Sure it sends out a very positive message. It combines reality with fantasy that the kids take home with good memories. For parents and grandparents, it offers a slice of life they lived when they were kids.

All across the world the animated story has been received pleasantly. Looks like Disney’s reputation will be intact for this Gen and the next one too. 

Posted on 22/03/16
The Hateful Eight Review

This film is a thriller .It is the story of a bounty hunter and his prisoner who find shelter in a cabin which is already occupied by nefarious characters. The movie has a scene of violent sexual content, strong bloody violence, crude language and sexual nudity. The movie is rated R and hence parental guidance is needed. On a rating of ten this film would just get a single star. As the title suggests it is the story of eight characters that are caught in a storm in the mountainside and how they learn to live it out with each other. It is really surprising how the movie was nominated for three Oscar awards. It is truly a waste of seventy mm film.

Posted on 06/02/16
Sisters Review

This is the story of two sisters who throw a final party before their parents sell the family house. Just as there is nothing much in the story one would say one has lost nothing after seeing the film. This film can never make it to the box office because it is too boring, immature and embarrassing to watch. One truly wonders how the Director could have watched the rushes of his own film and not made a comment like what have I made. The movie last for just less than two hours and one wonders each time when will the movie end. The movie was shot in Dix Hills, Long Island, New York.

Posted on 06/02/16
Daddys Home Review

This is a comedy film about a stepdad who is a radio host who tries to get his step children to call him Dad. He tries his best but all his plans turn upside down when the real father appears. The movie has PG 13 rating for crude and suggestive language hence parental guidance is advised. It is a very funny and well constructed comedy. The jokes range from sweet to crude but having a lot of heart. It is an all out entertainer for the whole family. The lead stars are in top form in this film. The tagline is the gloves are off on Boxing Day.

Posted on 06/02/16
Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Review

This is a Sci fiction fantasy film. After thirty years of the defeat of the galactic Empire anew threat arises. A group of heroes try to stop the attempts of the First Order of ruling the galaxy. This movie was nominated for five Oscars. This is a very costly film running up to over two hundred million dollars. This movie truly gives value for money. It targets the audience with exact precision. However the music is entirely forgettable. In all probability the next edition of this film could see newer robotic toys. The film is utterly boring.

Posted on 06/02/16
The Revenant Review

This film is shot depicting the eighteen century. It is about a frontier man on a fur trading expedition. He is mauled by a bear and he fights for survival as he is left considered dead by his colleagues. His own team hunting members leave him for dead and how he survives all odds is the crux of the film. The tagline is one who has returned from the dead. The movie is rated R for strong frontier combat and violence. Also there are scenes of sexual assault, brief nudity and foul language. The film is unpredictable and a suspenseful adventure with many surprises.

Posted on 06/02/16
War Room Reivew

War Room is American drama film of a family, who faces frequent disputes while tackling different phases of life. Alex Kendrick’s direction and Stars like Priscilla Shirer, T.C. Stallings and Karen Abercrombie provide us with a beautiful piece of drama.

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan are couple with a dream house and lovely daughter. Tony starts to show less attention toward his family with due course of time which leads to frequent clashes amongst couple. Elizabeth meets her client Miss Clara who shows her a ray of hope by introducing her to her concept of war room. How Elizabeth fights to keep her family together is in all a War Room.  

Posted on 06/09/15
No Escape Review

No Escape is an action film directed by John Erick Dowdle and written by Dowdle brothers John and Drew. Film is about the escape of American family from Asia who is caught in middle of rebellion. Film made $11.9 million on box office after it’s released on 26th of August 2015.

Film is about an American family who is shifted to Asia. Life of family comes in danger when assassination of Prime Minister leads to a coup. How Jack Dwyer and his family escape from this situation is shown in No Escape.

Posted on 06/09/15
Transporter Refuelled Review

Transporter Refuelled is an action thriller created with the expert direction of Camille Delamarre. Film is written by Luc Besson, Bill Collage and Adam Cooper. Film is series of Transporter Franchise and on a life of a transporter Frank Martin. Film has reached to the budget of $ 20 million and will be released on 4th September 2015.

Film is about Frank Martin who is skilled driver and known for his transportation of any package. This time family of Frank gets in danger when frank delivers his package. Fast cars, Action scenes and martial arts style fighting is complementary package in Transporter Refuelled.

Posted on 06/09/15
Walk in the woods Review

Walk in the woods is directed by Ken Kwapis and based on the novel written by Bill Bryson. Film is about the Appalachian trail of Bill in his late 50’s with his old friend. Film has been released on box office on 2nd of September 2015.

Bill Bryson returns to United States after spending two decades in England. To connect to his homeland he plans an adventure to Appalachian Trail. But his wife fears his health and forces to take someone as a companion. The journey of two friends creates a wonderful comedy biopic.

Posted on 06/09/15

Before we go is a romantic film which stars Chris Evans, Alice eve and Mark Kassen. Film is directed by Chris Evans himself and he is also one of the producers. Film will be released on 4th of September 2015 but have already got a overwhelming response when it was selected in special presentation section of Toronto International Festival 2014. Film is about a girl whose purse gets stolen and also misses the train. Thinking it was her worst day in life she meets nick. Two of them begins journey to take her back to Boston and ends up getting together. Lot of things happens which make this day as a beautiful memory to them. Before we go is a romantic film which stars Chris Evans, Alice eve and Mark Kassen. Film is directed by Chris Evans himself and he is also one of the producers. Film will be released on 4th of September 2015 but have already got a overwhelming response when it was selected in special presentation section of Toronto International Festival 2014. Film is about a girl whose purse gets stolen and also misses the train. Thinking it was her worst day in life she meets nick. Two of them begins journey to take her back to Boston and ends up getting together. Lot of things happens which make this day as a beautiful memory to them.

Posted on 06/09/15
Sacrlett Johansson-Starrer Action Film, Lucy Reaches 95 Million in Box Office
Action film "Lucy" will be released in more countries later this month and in September, KpopStarz reports. After its success in the box office, the movie will be shown in other countries such as Germany and Poland. The movie is set to premiere in the two countries this coming August 14.
Meanwhile, moviegoers from the UK, Spain, Ireland and Sweden, will get to see "Lucy" come August 22, according to IMDB.
More action film fans can watch "Lucy" full movie in the big screen as it is set to open in more countries later this month and in September. For instance, beginning August 14, moviegoers in Germany and Poland can finally watch "Lucy" full movie. The movie is also scheduled for release in Norway, Argentina, and Italy next month.
Posted on 11/08/14
Pity the Poor Working Artist in Las Vegas
The “Step Up” series is the rare franchise that has grown more ambitious with each installment. As the dance numbers have become flashier and splashier, the stories have become more fanciful, occasionally even supplementing their be-yourself bromides with socially engaged ideas.
But “Step Up All In,”  directed by the dancer and choreographer Trish Sie, signals a slight retreat from the bonkers, protest-themed “Step Up Revolution”  (2012), which pitted a tactically divided flash mob against a politically connected real estate developer. The new film, the fifth in the series, tackles a humbler subject: the travails of the working artist.
Sean (Ryan Guzman), the hero of the last movie, struggles to start a career as a dancer in Los Angeles. Having lost the confidence of his crew, he plans to enter a televised contest in Las Vegas, whose prize is a three-year booking.
Posted on 11/08/14
Granger on Movies: The Hundred-Foot Journey
Gastronomes will be salivating as Lasse Hallstrom revisits "Chocolat" (2000) territory. Impressively introduced by executive producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, the story revolves around a displaced family from India that opens Maison Mumbai, 100 feet directly across the road from Le Saule Pleureur, a Michelin-starred, classical French restaurant.
When the rickety car carrying the emigrant Kaddam family breaks down near the idyllic village of Saint-Anton-Noble-Val in France's rural Midi-Pyrenees region, Papa (Om Puri) decides that he's found the perfect place to open a boisterous, Bollywood-esque eatery -- much to the dismay of widowed Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), a stern, snobbish perfectionist whose celebrated country inn specializes in elegant haute cuisine, catering to the aristocracy, including the president of France.
Tempers flare and knives are brandished in a territorial culture clash, as the rustic rivalry between the two establishments heats up.
More complications erupt when a competitive, love/hate relationship develops between earnest Hassan Kaddam (Manish Dayal), a self-taught, extraordinarily talented cook, and Mme. Mallory's slyly ambitious sous chef, Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon), who teaches Hassan how to find wild mushrooms on the riverbank.
Posted on 11/08/14
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Passes $500 Million
“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” swung in at second place on the foreign charts, racking up $29.8 million and pushing its worldwide haul to $506 million. The well-reviewed sequel has now passed the $481.8 million lifetime gross of its predecessor, 2011’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” It has a number of major markets left to go,  such as China where it opens on Aug. 29 and Japan where it kicks off on Sept. 19.
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” this weekend’s domestic champ, had to settled for third place overseas. The reboot of the 1990s film series generated $28.7 million overseas in 19 markets. Among the highlights, the film topped the Russian box office, with $11.1 million, and took the top slot in Mexico with a $6.9 million debut. Critics be damned. Pizza and mutant reptile martial artists are irresistible across the globe.
In fourth place, “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” added $26.5 million to its bounty, while breaking records at the Korean box office. The film became the fastest to have sold more than 10 million tickets and should surpass “Frozen” as the top grossing film of the year at the country’s box office.

-- Brent Lang  / Read full story at Variety »

Posted on 11/08/14
Guardians of the Galaxy Tops Foreign Box Office
"Guardians of the Galaxy" blasted past the competition at the foreign box office last weekend, scoring $40.1 million across 50 markets, according to studio estimates and data compiled by Rentrak.
The Marvel film has now made $313.2 million after ten days in theaters. The space cowboys adventure opened in  a half-dozen international territories this weekend, including Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela.
Top markets for the film include Russia ($23.9 million) and the United Kingdom, and there are still a number of prominent foreign countries left to open such as Japan and China. Given the strong domestic response and the number of countries to come, the picture should have no trouble passing the global grosses of the first "Captain America" ($370.6 million) and "Thor" ($449.3 million).
Posted on 11/08/14
Into the Storm wreaks virtual marketing mayhem
Turns out you don't have to storm-chase to be thrust into a raging, deadly tornado.
Warner Bros. brought out the big virtual guns to promote the tornado flick Into the Storm with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset experience that brought users directly into the film's climatic tornado scene.
Yep, right into the storm drain with the mother-lode of tornadoes coming on, virtually that is.
The experience requires users to enter a glass booth and don heavy Oculus Rift goggles and ear phones to enter the virtual world. The 360-degree experience shows the action in whatever direction the user moves his or her head — on the bad side, either direction features a deadly oncoming tornado or the effects of said tornado.
"We wanted to give people an emotional connection to the film by putting them in the film," says Suzy Ryoo of Ignition Factory, the company which designed the experience.
This 4-D experience is aided by four directional wind fans which rise in level to match the oncoming tornado's virtual fury, and rumbling ButtKicker seats which literally rumble the sitting body.
The experience was unveiled at Comic-Con this July, part of an emerging trend of film marketing with the new technology. Then the Into the Storm experience shouldered major marketing duty in cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta. After its solid opening weekend in U.S. theaters, it's now headed out on the international tour to the likes of London, Paris, and Barcelona.
-- Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY                                                                                                                                     
Posted on 11/08/14
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Clobbers Guardians With $65 Million Box-Office Opening
The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” are back on top after two decades, and the heroes on the half-shell returned in style, racking up an estimated $65 million in their first three days to conquer the North American box office.
That knocked Marvel's superhero space romp “Guardians of the Galaxy” from the top spot after just a week. Peter Quill, Groot and Rocket Raccoon held well in their second week and brought in $41.5 million for Disney, but the weekend belonged to everyone's favorite wise-cracking mutant reptiles, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo.
With producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman giving the gang a muscular special-effects update, “Ninja Turtles” blew past the expectations of analysts, who had the turtle tale opening at around $45 million.
It was the second straight week that the No. 1 film exceeded projections, and for the second consecutive week the struggling summer box office got a much-needed lift. The overall weekend was up roughly 17 percent over the comparable frame last year, though the season is still down at least 15 percent from last's year's record-breaker.
See full article at The Wrap »                                                                                                       
Posted on 11/08/14
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